Help ! My Penthouse Won’t Sell

Ask the Experts Why

There is a rule of thumb in real estate that says there are only three primary reasons a Penthouse won’t sell – there is something wrong with the penthouse, it is in a poor location or it is overpriced. Let us know your property address and we will examine these aspects. We might need to ask you a few questions about it first.

However, that presumes that the property is getting sufficient marketing exposure. You might have a great property, but if no one knows about it, don’t expect any offers! Maybe the problem isn’t with the property or the market, but rather it is not being marketed to the fullest extent.

  • Did you have a professional photographer take the photos? If not, many people might be turned away online without even visiting the property.
  • Was it professionally staged? Maybe it needs a fresh look.
  • Is it being mass marketed to every real estate website? If not, a boost in exposure is in order.
  • Are you getting feedback
  • How is the competition

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