SoHo Scottsdale brings townhouses, condos, and commercial space to WestWorld.

Soho Scottsdale 8

The meaning of SoHo Scottsdale is “Small office, home office” this new development once was a vacant lot at 92nd Street and Bahia Drive near WestWorld. It’s being developed into 64 townhouses with residential atop offices. Another four-story condominium building with 14 units would have first-floor services and retail including a restaurant, plans show.

The saying goes don’t bring your work home with you but todays buyers are more inclined to do so. Who does not love waking up, taking a leak or dump, and going into their office in their underwear? I do, I work at home quite a bit, and at times take and make some important phone calls in my underwear says realtor Juan Pesqueira. Today’s commutes to an office are a waste of time.


These work, live, play units are not for everyone. I see the attraction to millennials and business professionals who don’t want to spend money on commercial space (because it’s too damn expensive and leases are too complex).

This is the future and as Irene Catsibris Clary, Catclar president said “I think the city needs more urban projects,” “People seem to like that, the live-work component, that is going to be the way of the future, with more and more people actually working and living from the same complex.” I totally agree.

The project broke ground this fall, they are moving along, and just began hosting brokers open.  You can get all your info at

Soho Scottsdale townhomes Pricing$679,700 – $937,500

SoHo Scottsdale Condo Pricing$661,320 – $800,000

Soho Scottsdale 7 Soho Scottsdale 6 Soho Scottsdale 5 Soho Scottsdale 4 Soho Scottsdale 3 Soho Scottsdale 2 Soho Scottsdale 1 Soho Scottsdale

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