The Crap They Don’t tell you about Dirt Cheap Condo Hunting in Phoenix, Arizona.

I am curious to know who the hell actually tours any of these units.  Come on let’s be honest here you’re not finding any of these properties in the urban areas of Scottsdale, Phoenix, or Tempe these bad boys and I mean bad boys are on the outs.


Selling points are phenomenal close to old town Scottsdale, Downtown Phoenix, or walking distance to mill ave in Tempe. Yeah right! Try walking around any of these places late at night, talk about an experience. On any given day there is around 100 condos for sale under $50,000 and over 350 under $100,000 in the Phoenix metro market. That means you have options but after a few showings I think you’ll window shop from home and make offers sight unseen…

So what should you expect? Forget about being picky, forget about touring any of these units at night, and for the most part I hope you’re buying then as an investment.  Financing is not easy with anything much less than 50K so you better have cash.  When negotiating Stop nickel and diming the seller because they don’t care if you want them to fix a light bulb.  As a matter of fact they really don’t care if you walk and most are sold AS IS. And oh yeah that could be a crack house next door, do you dare to check? My Advice to anyone looking to buy a dirt cheap condo Take it for what it’s worth, buy as many of these units as you can now, if the unit does not have a tenants in place currently and you hope not so you can put someone in yourself do so. Keep them for at least 3-5 years and then sell them off one by one or as a package. Unless you know the tenant personally I would hire a property management company.   I’ll tell you what most of these areas have some great food nearby.  Los Betos, Filiberto’s, carne asada or California burros (yeah in Arizona).

ugly condo

If you’re in the market for dirt cheap condos don’t call us because I am not touring any of these units without a swat team – just kidding and yes well take your dirt cheap condo listing of yours and sell the crap out of it! We’ll have people from all over the world calling about these bad boys! Give us a shout…

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